2023 U.S. Special Operations Personnel Resiliency Training


2023 U.S. Special Operations Personnel Resiliency Training

MARCH 15-19 | San Juan River | New Mexico

Fortitude...steadfastness...perseverance...hope...all these words represent RESILIENCY. Resiliency is necessary more than ever for all of us, and even more so for our elite military personnel who bravely give so much on our behalf. Altar has the unique opportunity to lead a resiliency retreat for our elite military personnel.

Partnering with Chaplains with Special Operations experience, Altar will bring its ministry and fishing experience together to serve our elite fighting forces by equipping them with spiritual resiliency for life.

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"You nailed it–perfect mix–it didn't feel religious! This is the perfect combination of activity, spirituality and deep content to engage. Best event I've ever participated in."

–Naval Special Warfare enlisted member

"Altar Fly Fishing provided powerful content in a manner that is perfectly suited for NSW personnel."

–Navy SEAL Officer

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Altar seeks to support those who dedicated their lives for the sake of others.
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