Coaching for Life and Faith


“Having a life-coach guide the re-discovery of your values and your potential is truly empowering. Eric has been a trusted partner in the coaching process with engaging questions, quiet listening, and much needed soul-care. His rich combination of coach and pastor has helped me recognize gifts and qualities that have been set aside or forgotten and ultimately brought clarity to my very hurried and noisy life. Eric's valuable insight has helped me connect the dots and look forward to what is possible in the next season of my life.” ~ Amy 


When I (Eric) look back on life, I often find holes that I wished were filled, decisions I wish I could reverse, and I wish someone would have been alongside me to provide more council, encouragement, and helped guide my behaviors which would have propelled me forward in realizing my God-given potential. Unfortunately, you and I do not get to go back in time, all we have is now. And what we do and decide now shapes what happens tomorrow.

Should your tomorrow repeat the past or should the story of tomorrow speak of you fulfilling potential, becoming unstuck, achieving goals, and becoming more than you are today? The answer to that question will depend on who that someone will be and what they do to invest in YOU, helping you build what is next. This is what transformational coaches do. That is what a transformational coach did for me in what has become my best season of life yet.


I have dedicated my life, utilizing my experiences as a professional baseball player, businessman, missionary, pastor, non-profit founder and president, and professional transformational coach, in helping others  grow healthier in life and faith, moving vision and dreams to realities, and unsticking what is stuck in people’s lives (and organizations). I help people build their best next season of life and open possibilities that they have dreamed would come true. I find my greatest joy in helping others “win” in both achieving their desires and becoming best version of themselves.


Transformational Coaching is a unique approach of investing in people in such a way that they become more aware of their true selves, their goals, dreams and desires, clarify reality and what they truly want, and define the obstacles of where they are stuck so that intentional steps can be taken to move forward in such a way that they not only live into new realities they desire, but become the kind of person who will be able to live in those new realities—heart, soul, mind and strength. Transformational coaching is a wholistic approach that shapes who you are—becoming the best version of yourself—as you learn to accomplish your goals, visions and/or dreams.



1.  Understanding what has uniquely shaped YOUR life

2.  Clarifying goals, vision, or what needs to become unstuck

3.  Creating customized plans to help you progress toward what you desire

4.  Grow your life and soul to become the kind of person who can live well into those goals and visions


Can you feel it? Is something stirring in you? Is it time to move forward in some area of life—in some vision, in some goal(s), to become unstuck in a significant area of life, to flourish and thrive from the inside out? To live with joy and purpose? Is it time to have that partner who can serve your best next?

Life is worth it. YOU are worth it. Let’s talk if you sense it is time to move forward.

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