After months of work, preparations, and prayer, the first Altar Fly Fishing retreat launched with meaning and impact.  This past weekend, 18 people (fisherman, guides, and chefs) hit the Driftless Region near Viroqua, WI to participate in a retreat titled DriftLESS Men: Navigating the Streams of Life.  Here are a few highlights from the trip:

Each day we followed a rhythm of breakfast, teaching session, personal space/reflection, a fishing or casting session (we had three men off the national fly fishing circuit–Jason Randall, Dave Blackburn, and Tom Starmack), hit the streams for 6+ hours of fishing including lunch and streamside devotions, returned for dinner, fellowship, banjo picking, daily reflections/sharing, and more fishing sessions.  It was a blast!  

What was so encouraging was the way the men engaged the teaching material and streamside devotions (outline below), grew as fisherman (learning Euro Nymphing–new to all of them), and really engaged one another.  I (and retreat staff) learned many things for future retreats and were thrilled to see how God moved in and among the fishing group.

Fly fishing affords a lot of great analogies for life and faith.  The three big ideas or movements for the men over the three days were:

  • Reading the Streams of Life (Where are you in life and faith?)
  • The Catch is Below the Surface (Examining character and desires)
  • Returning to Home Waters (What will be different when you return home?  Each guy walked away with an intentional growth plan)

What is next for Altar Fly Fishing?  We are setting our sights for several trips later in 2019 and 2020 which may include: Two Trips to the Driftless Region Spring 2020 (men) and Fall 2020 (women’s trip), Arizona San Juan River, Montana, Utah, and Chile (or other destination trip)!   Stay tuned as we seek to merge faith and fly fishing into a common stream!!

THANK YOU for the support, encouragement and prayers for Altar Fly Fishing.  I do see God working in this emerging ministry. Altar has the potential to impact men, women, couples, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters…in life-changing ways.  I would value your continued prayers for God to continue to cultivate the vision of Altar and the hearts of many in the fly fishing community in the days ahead.


  • When was the last time you invested TIME AWAY to connect with God and listen beneath the surface of life?
  • How are you daily habits/rhythms forming/shaping your life?  Have you ever implemented a growth plan for order your life?
  • What is God stirring in your in this season of life?

Altar Fly Fishing casts into questions like this and more.  Consider joining a future trip and see the impact it could have on your home waters of life.