Soul of a Pastor


Pastors give so much to others, but often neglect many components of their own life. Pastors today are fatigued, burned out, struggling at home, and often pastor from a place of emptiness. Altar is changing this story by investing into the souls of pastors because their life and leadership impacts everything from their own well-being, to their families, to the church, and beyond. Through congregations or friends funding their pastors or Altar's own support efforts, we desire to fully bless pastors by covering their retreat costs (avg. $1000/Pastor) and follow up life, soul and leadership coaching for a greater life and ministry ($3000/Pastor for both retreat and customized coaching).

Each trip includes 4 nights/3 days of fly fishing, guided sessions designed uniquely for pastors, ample space for reflections, discussions, and rest. As a follow up to each trip, we encourage pastors to continue with three months of Soul Care and Transformational Coaching (included for funded pastors) to help the good work of God take root in their lives--creating life-changing impact for their own soul, their families, and their life in ministry.

SOLD OUT! The Soul of a Pastor Trip | July 28 - August 1, 2021 | New Mexico

The Soul of a Pastor Trip | November 18 - 22, 2021 | Missouri

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