To the extent you invest in (or neglect) your soul determines your life AND leadership.

Leadership matters.
Leaders influence others–whether in the marketplace, the communities in which they live, the church or the home.
And the soul of the leader is the source of that influence–whether good or bad, positive or negative, building others up or tearing them down, expanding opportunity or damaging possibilities.

Are people better for being connected to your leadership in the various roles you play in life?

Many leaders today express high levels of loneliness, burnout, and lack of joy–even though they may look happy and successful on the outside. Leaders need personal investment, safe relationships, and life-giving rhythms for sustained resilience, focus and renewal. Yet, many leaders admit they are not prioritizing the devoted time away and opportunity needed for greater health from the inside out.

How are you doing as a leader? Are you thriving or merely surviving?
Are you tapping into significance, not just success, in the most important areas of life?
Do you need a reset and/or a better personal/leadership plan?
Do you need a tribe of other leaders who “get” you and your life of unusual demands and pressures?

Welcome to Altar’s Soul of a Leader retreats where we invest in the souls of leaders for exponential growth and impact.

Life Re-Direction.

"It was life "re-direction". I am a much better Christian ad a man for the experience." –Tom

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Nothing Short of Awesome!

"This retreat was nothing short of awesome for me. Connecting with other leaders that face the same challenges as I do was very valuable. We learned from each other. We opened up to each other. We learned to focus on developing one's soul. And the coaching we received was tremendously valuable. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to hit the reset button and improve their relationship with God, while becoming a better leader." –Aaron

Leader 2

Genuinely Affirmed.

"This was a great outing to a beautiful place with wonderful people. I have not felt so genuinely affirmed in a long time. The Altar Staff encouraged me to dig deep and look for ways to delight and get closer to God. I would not change a single thing from this time together.”

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