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Merging Faith & Fly Fishing Into A Common Stream

Guiding you to live a greater life with God, yourself and your most valued relationships through life-shaping fly fishing retreats and outdoor adventures.

Join us on a 2022 Altar Fly Fishing Retreat

Unlike any other fly fishing trip, Altar retreats blend the art and beauty of fly fishing with focused sessions designed to create space to evaluate and realign your life, reflect on what is most important, and help you chart a course to live into that plan as you return to the 'home waters' of your life.

"This retreat was nothing short of awesome for me. Connecting with other leaders that face the same challenges as I do was very valuable. We learned from each other. We opened up to each other. We learned to focus on developing one’s soul. And the coaching we received was tremendously valuable. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to hit the reset button and improve their relationship with God, while becoming a better leader." - Aaron | 2020 Soul of a Leader Trip

I am not sure I could add up the miles I have run in my life but I am sure it is in the 10s of thousands. What started out as a means to get fit, quite surprisingly became a rhythm of my life.

Running shoulder to shoulder with someone brings me great joy. It is not a race or competition. The speed or distance is often not the focus. It is how I do life with others by listening, encouraging and running alongside them. I have heard life stories on these runs and shared the same. We have worked out problems, formulated ideas, complained, coached and prayed together.

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"As a church planter and leader of planters my soul was more tired than I realized. The unique combination of fly fishing, fellowship, food, and faith talks slowly began to refuel my heart. The trip was long enough for refreshment to take place, but short enough to allow me to take the step of faith to free up my calendar. My hope is that more and more donors are inspired to invest in leaders and more and more leaders are willing to stop and allow their soul to be cared for." - Kevin B. | Lead Pastor