The Altar Team


Founder & President

With a passion for God, people, and the great outdoors, Eric has dedicated his life to helping people grow in their journeys of life and faith. A pastor for over 20 years, Eric caught a glimpse of how he could combine ministry and soul care with his love of fly fishing and adventure…Altar Fly Fishing.

Through the great lens of fishing, Eric shares his insight on a variety of topics including reading the waters of life, leadership, teamwork, culture, personal growth and how the teachings of the Bible intersect with our lives in down-to-earth ways. Eric leads the Altar team, bringing some of the best anglers, destinations and faith-shaping experiences together in Altar Retreats.

Eric is a professional transformational coach who also provides follow up coaching for Altar participants and others throughout the country with


Nathan is an avid outdoorsman and family man, passionate about God and coming closer to Him through this magnificent playground He has created for us. He lives with his wife, daughter, and three sons in the mountains of Colorado.

In his 20 years of guiding and ministry with Young Life, Nathan has seen the importance of getting away from the craziness of life time and time again. Every year, experience continues to reinforce the value of connecting with the Creator in the outdoors, and Nathan’s greatest joy is helping others enter into those same life-giving experiences.


Steve has devoted his life to ministry having served & pastored congregations in Pennsylvania, Ohio & Indiana. His greatest joy is seeing people grow in their faithfulness to Jesus. He is delighted to be part of the Altar team, bringing his passion for fly fishing together with his heart to see people mature in Christ.

Steve will expand Altar’s influence through additional pastor’s retreats, retreat follow up, and deepen ongoing value with our Altar Alumni and donor team.

Steve and his wife, Dianne, live in Fishers, Indiana, where they delight in keeping track of their four adult children who live all over the country.


Bringing Altar’s girl-power, Amy champions our women’s retreats as well as Altar’s operations, marketing and donor development.

Amy is a mom to two teenage girls that she loves beyond measure. Her experience as a coach, mentor and mom coupled with her desire to see others thrive in the middle of their amazing, busy, challenging and every-changing lives is what drew her to Altar’s mission and vision.

Amy’s backpack is at the ready for the next adventure. In her spare time you will find her soaking in the next new book or podcast, practicing her casting or hitting the trails for a good run.

Amy is a certified transformational coach with and offers coaching as a way for Altar participants to continue to good work they started on their retreat.


Jason’s credits much of his passion for fishing to his father. “Some of my earliest and happiest memories involve fishing,” he recalls. As a young man, he learned fly fishing from other mentors.

The blessings we receive are meant to be passed on to others, so to share his passion and knowledge, in 2002, Jason began a career as an outdoor writer with feature articles appearing regularly in American Angler, Fly Fisherman, Eastern Fly Fishing, Northwest Fly Fishing and many other outdoor magazines. He has recently joined Fly Tyer as a feature writer. His first book, ‘Moving Water: A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Currents’ was released in 2012 by Stackpole/Headwater books. It studies the effect of current on trout, their prey species and our angling presentation. His second book ‘Feeding Time: A Fly Fisher’s Guide to What, Where and When Trout Eat’, was released in August of 2013. It focuses on matching your fishing strategies to the trout’s feeding strategies, especially when targeting large trout. In 2014, the third book in the ‘Fly Fisher’s Guide’ trilogy was released- ‘Trout Sense; A Fly Fisher’s Guide to What Trout See, Hear and Smell’, which offers anglers an opportunity to know more about the quarry they seek. In April 2017, Jason’s fourth book titled ‘Nymph Masters; Fly Fishing Secrets from Expert Anglers’, this book explores the depths of nymph fishing and advanced nymph fishing techniques.

In 2017, Jason joined Luminaries Bob Clouser, Ed Jaworowski, the late Lefty Kreh and many others on the TFO National Advisory Team. Jason appears and presents at shows, clubs and events throughout the North America.

Meet our Altar Fly Fishing Champions! 

Altar Champions go above and beyond in their
generosity and investment of their LIFE (Labor, Influence, Finances, and/or Expertise)
for the sake of building Altar’s reach and ministry.

Thank you Champions!

Tom Mallon | Board Member

Trace Schmeltz | Board Member

Jim Young | Board Member
Caleb Baldree | Storyteller & Videographer |
Beau Beasley | Texas & Virginia Fly Fishing Shows
Bill & Melanie Betts | Illiamna Lodge & Triumphant Ministries
Jim & Deb Borsum
Dave Blackburn |
Brandt Brereton | Perpetuate Capital
Suanne Camfield
Ray & Marge Chapin
Karol & Ron Flowers
Sarah Flowers
Bart and Lisa Garvin
Kyle Haack
Mike Haddorff
Jon Hoekema
Tony Kalinowski
Kenny Klimes
Mark and Randi Lundgren
Will McCauley
Matthew McCord
John Muckerman
Jason & Jo Randall
Terry Rempert
Kevin Sakas (Guide)
Mike Sharrow | C12
Tom & Maureen Starmack |
Karen Kimsey-Sward & Chris Sward
Eva Tameling
Mike Toft
The Truax Family
James & Alisa VanHekken
Mary Kay Wolf
Janine Young