Altar is investing in the souls of Pastors and Ministry Leaders – committed to changing their story and statistics in America today.

Altar has a passion to serve pastors and those in vocational ministry because of the impact they have on countless families, churches, and communities they serve.

Consider this quote, “As goes the pastor, so goes the church. As goes the pastor’s soul, so goes the pastor.” What do you observe in the lives of pastors and those in vocational ministry today?

Pastors invest so much in the lives of others, yet due to the demands and rhythms of ministry, often neglect the health of their own souls, families, and personal well-being. Almost all pastors love the church and ministry, but are struggling to balance all that is required of them.

Do you know the story of pastors in America TODAY–
and likely the story of a pastor you know?

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"One of the best experiences of my life! The focus of self-care in conjunction with fly fishing brought me so much joy. The support provided through relationships that were formed and strengthened was incredible."
– Katy

Pushed the Reset Switch.

"It was just what the doctor ordered to help me get rested and renewed. It was like I pushed the "reset" switch spiritually. In addition to helping me get whole, it increased my awareness of how to better care of my soul and the souls of others–i.e. physical, mental, emotional, vocational, spiritual self. As our church members navigate issues of fatigue, stress and burnout, I now have the capacity, not just to empathize with them, but also help them restore wholeness as I have now received equipping in this area myself."
– Andy

Keeper of My Soul.

"...after our time together, I'm back at work feeling rested and renewed. I'm seeking to be the keeper of my soul! Our time together was an important first step in restoring my soul."
– Kevin