2023 Soul of a Pastor | Colorado

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JULY 5-9 | Arkansas River – Buena Vista, CO

As pastors, we understand the investment you make in others and the many facets of ministry that demand your attention each day. What is often missing from the list of needs is the time and attention needed for your soul's health and well-being. Is it time for you to give yourself the critical gift of devoted time away for rest, renewal, and re-imagining life and ministry from the place of a healthy soul?

Altar's staff brings over 75 years of vocational ministry experience and a deep understanding of the pastor's life. Join us on an adventure that will heal and enliven your life for the sake of others.

Through support from your congregation, friends or personal network combined with Altar's own support efforts, we desire to fully bless pastors by covering their retreat costs and follow up soul care and leadership investment for continued transformation for a greater life and ministry.

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The majestic Rocky Mountains set the scene for our time together. Floating and wading on the gold medal waters of the Arkansas River for brown and rainbow trout and hiking to an alpine lake above 12,000 ft. elevation for cutthroats are just a few of the adventures that await.


4 nights/3 days in private cabins in beautiful Buena Vista, CO. All meals provided including hot breakfasts, lunches on the river and home-cooked dinners around the table together.

The Retreat

An Altar retreat is a unique blend of rest, intentionality and adventure. You will engage in retreat materials, teaching sessions led by Altar staff, enjoy great conversations and return to your "home waters" equipped for the next season of your life.

The Fishing

Your retreat includes 3 days of guided fishing in some amazing water and breath-taking surroundings. All gear (as needed) and guide fees included. All skill levels are welcome!

Booking Details

- A $250 deposit due at time of registration reserves your spot.
- The Altar team will provide you with a Prayer & Support Kit to help offset the cost of your trip and allow others to tangibly invest in your soul care.
- You are responsible for travel expenses to and from the lodge.

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Altar Fly Fishing was founded as a means to bring healing, refreshment, and long-term impact in the lives of leaders with a special heart for pastors. It is Altar’s mission to invest in pastors who are investing so much of their time, energy and resources into others. The problem? Many pastors do not have the time or resources to invest in themselves or their future leadership which is leading to personal suffering from burnout and unhealthy souls. I (Eric Camfield - Altar Founder) was in that very place years back which is why I made significant changes in my own life and started Altar Fly Fishing's various ministries.

The Altar team will work with you, your congregation and your personal community to help support this much needed time for rest and personal renewal. It is our hope that those who know you well will understand the importance of this retreat and be honored to share their resources to make this trip possible for you and countless others in ministry that desire to live out what they have been teaching to so many others. Caring for your soul is not a luxury, it is a vital practice that requires intentional time away.

Reserve your spot today.
We look forward to being on this life-altaring journey with YOU!

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"As a church leader, my soul was more tired than I realized. The unique combination of fly fishing, fellowship, food and faith talks began to refuel my heart and soul. The length of the trip was long enough for refreshment, but short enough to allow me to take the step of faith to free up my calendar."

Kevin | Soul of a Pastor 2021

"The retreat was even better than what I expected. It was like I pushed the "reset" switch spiritually. In addition to helping me become whole again, it increased my awareness of how to better care for my soul. I now have tools to assess the state of my soul so I can sustain healthy soul-care beyond the retreat."

Andy | Soul of a Pastor 2021