Altar Fly Fishing is committed to healing, changing and growing lives–lives that have ripples of impact on thousands of others.

Altar is funded through people like you who believe that healthy souls build greater lives and better culture– whether at home, church, workplace or trends in our nation.

Over the last three years, 50 pastors have experienced Altar Retreats.

> 70% reported moderate to severe burnout (national average is 40%).

> National statistics report that 40-50% of pastors in burnout are seriously considering leaving the ministry within a year.

> Statistics suggest that 15 of the 50 pastors would have already left the ministry.

Of the 50 pastors who have attended an Altar Retreat to date:
ZERO have left the ministry!

Altar Fly Fishing is committed to changing the story of pastors in America today.
Think of the ripples of impact these pastors now have on churches and the thousands of lives connected to them.

"I attended an Altar Fly Fishing retreat this past March. It was life re-direction. I am a much better Christian and man for the experience. I will do everything I can to support this ministry."

– Tom S.