2023 Reading the Waters of Life | Montana

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Reading the Waters of Life Retreat

JUNE 14-18 | Kootenai River – Libby, MT | $2,500 per person

This special retreat is open to anyone who is curious about Altar's mission and ministry, who is seeking to read the waters of life and creating new intentionality in life's rhythms, and simply desire the space to decompress, refresh, and share in a fishing adventure.

Led by Altar's Founder and President, Eric Camfield, you will learn the origins of Altar's ministry and how it has grown to the impact level we know today.

Join us in exploring ministry, adventure, and the health and care of your one and only life...your soul.


Isolated in the northwest corner of Montana the Kootenai River lies off the beaten path of the more traveled, popular “big name” rivers of Montana. Providing a truly uncrowded setting the Kootenai River maintains a high quality trout fishery.

The Kootenai River, emerging from Libby Dam, is Montana’s newest tailwater fishery. Cradled between the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness and the Purcell Mountains, it contains a wide array of insect life to support prolific hatches throughout the season.

The Kootenai and its tributaries are the only waters in Montana to contain a native strain of rainbow trout, called Columbia Redbands.
- Courtesy of Dave Blackburn's Kootenai Angler


4 nights/3 days at Dave Blackburn's Kootenai Angler situated on the bank of the Kootenai River in Libby, MT. Enjoy fresh breakfast, lunches on the river and delicious home-cooked dinners all prepared at their River Bend Restaurant.

The Retreat

An Altar retreat is a unique blend of rest, intentionality, and adventure. You will engage in Altar's retreat materials, take part in teaching sessions with Altar's team, enjoy great conversations and return to your "home waters' equipped for the next season of your life.

The Fishing

Your retreat includes 3 days of guided float fishing on the beautiful Kootenai River. All gear (as needed) and guide fees are included. All skill levels are welcome!

Booking Details

- The cost of your adventure is $2,500.
- 50% deposit is due at time of registration.
- Balance due 90 days prior to your retreat.
- You are responsible for travel expenses to and from the Kootenai Angler Lodge.


Don't miss out on your adventure!

Book your 2023 Altar Fly Fishing experience today and look forward to the adventure and soul care you need and deserve.

"The retreat was even better than what I expected. It was like I pushed the "reset" switch. In addition to helping me become whole again, it increased my awareness of how to better care for my soul. I now have the tools to assess the state of my soul so I can sustain healthy soul care beyond the retreat."

Andy | Soul of a Pastor

"Attending an Altar Fly Fishing retreat was one of the best experiences of my life. The focus on self care in conjunction with fly fishing brought me so much joy."

Katy | Soul of a Woman