ALTAR: More Than A Name

The question has been asked, “Why the name Altar Fly Fishing?”  Great question.

Altars carried great significance in the Bible and for the people who experienced altars.   Altars were places:

  • Where people offered a variety of sacrifices for a variety of reasons
  • They represented and often created significant moments marking people’s lives (remember Abraham and Isaac, Elijah, and the Temple of God to name a few).  
  • Where the presence of God was palpable.

The name Altar Fly Fishing was chosen because of its uniquely designed ministry and fishing opportunities inviting people:

  • To consider what they must lay before God for His glory and their growth.
  • To sacrifice time and resources to have devoted time, making oneself available to God, His creation, and others in a meaningful way.
  • To experience moments that will shape life going forward.
  • To experience God and tap into your soul through listening, reflection, conversation, and yes, FISHING.

Life is most shaped by the daily rhythms and habits in one’s life, significant life events (whether planned/welcomed of not), and devoted times away (think about the camps, retreats, vacations, solitude…you have encountered).  Altar’s mission is to create significant moments in your devoted time away (fishing retreat) so that your daily rhythms will find new life with God, yourself, and others.  You might say Altar wants to help you become a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1-2).  Perhaps you will have the opportunity to sacrifice and attend an Altar fishing trip sometime soon.  

For Reflection

  • Is there anything you feel you need to lay before God as an act of worship or repentance?
  • Read Romans 12:1-2.  How do these verses speak to you?  How are you being conformed to the world?  What would it look like for you to be a living sacrifice before God?  What would be different in your life?
  • Reflect back on your life.  How have each of these shaped (or currently shaping) your life: Dailey habits/rhythms? Significant life events?  Devoted time to invest in God, yourself, and others?

Eric Camfield | June 2019