What Is Better Than a Grand Vision of Life?

Next month Altar begins its fishing season with a Spiritual Resilience Training for Special Operation Forces personnel. Resiliency is the major theme for the year because, well, we all need more of it.  As we finalize our content for this first trip, we wanted to share some snip-its that may help you build or strengthen your own resiliency whether we share a stream this year or continue to stay connected via our Altar Updates and devotionals.

Many people are searching for a “grand vision of life” that will give meaning, purpose, and focus to how they are living now. The problem? Most of us do not have a GRAND vision much less have a personal vision statement that transforms our day-to-day.  What if there is a better, simpler way to approach life that actually builds the resiliency needed to journey toward our most important goals EVERY DAY?


Let me use some real-life examples to explain. When I look to our Altar staff team, I see: 

  • A new grandparent
  • People in job transitions to partner in a deeper way in ministry
  • A mother of high school daughters
  • A dad of college age kids
  • A foster care family

Think of a micro, near-term vision that can be crafted for each of these scenarios that would provide profound significance for THIS season of life. Maybe the micro-vision is for the next six months or perhaps for the next one to three years, as long as the statement focuses on NOW and NEXT.

One example of a micro-vision might be: Focus on finishing my current role well while preparing for my next role, intentionally setting new, better rhythms of life in this new chapter.

To be resilient a person MUST have clear, micro-visions for vital areas of life that provide anchor points to weather the storms life may bring and keep us moving forward despite our circumstances, challenges, surprises or setbacks.

Is it time for you to gain more clarity in the now for greater resilience for the future?


  • Describe your current season of life and the roles you play.  What else is most important to you in this current season?
  • What ultimate goals or driving values are connected to these roles?
  • Choose one or two (or more) and write a clear vision statement for each area in THIS current season.  (i.e. My vision is to help my kids learn to see and recognize the presence of God in their lives every day before they leave my house for college.)
  • Think about simple ways you can live into each of these visions.  And when times get tough, or you feel challenged, remind yourself of the noble micro-visions that can reframe the present circumstances into moments of opportunity, purpose and clarity. 

Eric Camfield | February 2022