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The Next Season: A Pastor’s Story

We heard about Jim for the first time from his wife, Dee, late last spring. She had seen something online about Altar Fly Fishing which sent her to our website. Once there, she reached out to us with a note wanting to know if our retreat in Colorado had room for one more because she’d…
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RHYTHM: Remember

RHYTHM: Remember Part Three in the Series I’m a list-maker, always have been. If I don’t write something down, I tend to forget it. The most-used app on my phone is one that contains daily to-do lists. If I know I need to make a call today, purchase a birthday gift tomorrow, send a friend…
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Rhythms of Grace

Before you continue reading, please take 60 seconds to watch this video. What did you feel or sense as you watched the video on the unforced rhythms of grace? Seriously, what did you experience watching this video?  Welcome to Altar Fly Fishing’s 2023 theme of Rhythm. This year we will learn to read the water…
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Don’t Rush the Season You’re In

As I write this, the first day of August, I considered the mindset that I too often fall into… rushing ahead as if we were already there. From back when I was in school, the Fourth of July was a waypoint marking that summer was half over. Dread! And somehow, while still in the middle…
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A Year Behind…A Year Ahead

We discover something good in being still (Psalm 46:10)—to sit, breathe, to listen to the sound of a stream, or perhaps to read, pray, and reflect while enjoying a hot cup of good coffee or tea (stress good). Unfortunately, these times are more rare than I would like.

The Changing of Seasons

I had one of those “moments” this past week when two things converged.  First, we experienced in our area the first cool week of fall weather announcing that summer is coming to an end.  By the way, I love the cool fall days! Second, in the Trout Unlimited Community Newsfeed, someone posted dates for the…
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