Rhythms of Grace

Before you continue reading, please take 60 seconds to watch this video.

What did you feel or sense as you watched the video on the unforced rhythms of grace? Seriously, what did you experience watching this video? 

Welcome to Altar Fly Fishing’s 2023 theme of Rhythm. This year we will learn to read the water of life/soul and then apply our focus to that of our weekly rhythms and how they are shaping our lives. Through our retreats and follow-up resources, we will explore how to build a life of rhythm that expands the significance of our work and how we learn to worship and delight in God and our labors. When strung together over weeks, months, and years, an amazing reality happens IN YOU that may be just what you are longing for and missing.

Intrigued? Welcome to Rhythm and Altar’s passion to impact leadership within the home, church and workplace one well-lived life at a time.


  • If you had to pick a few words or phrases describing your current rhythms of life, what would they be?
  • Are you fully satisfied with life and your weekly calendar? 
  • If you could make two adjustments to your weekly calendar that would help you flourish and thrive, what would they be? 

By: Eric Camfield | January 2023

Special thanks to Caleb Baldree (Nashville, TN) who is an Altar Champion. As videographer, he is dedicated to advancing Altar’s mission and influence. Watch more videos coming this year and check out/follow Altar on YouTube. To learn more about Caleb and the amazing work he does, visit: calebbaldree.com